Hollywood United for a Healthy California is a campaign led by the entertainment industry with the goal of freeing California from oil and gas extraction.  We are actors, writers, directors, producers, studio executives, lawyers, agents, managers and publicists.  Our industry generates billions of dollars in revenue for California each year.  

The oil and gas industry wields immense political power and is responsible for derailing effective environmental and energy policies. The oil industry has exploited our state for too long. Hollywood, as the most iconic and historic industry California has ever known, is now speaking out to stop climate change and protect our health and environment.  

We seek to end oil and gas development in California by 2030 and move rapidly towards 100% renewable energy.  As we move towards that goal, we support efforts to immediately protect California including:

  • Immediately require all oil and gas development to be restricted from areas where people live, work and play so our kids and communities don’t get sick.
  • Stop the most dangerous forms of oil production including fracking, steam injection and offshore drilling to protect our clean groundwater supplies. 
  • Ensure that all dumping of toxic oil wastewater onto the ground and into drinking water sources is prevented. 
  • End crop irrigation with oil field wastewater so that toxic chemicals don’t infiltrate California’s food.