Oil extraction is no longer a rural industry practice. Neighborhood drilling is happening right now next to homes, schools and hospitals. In our hometown, over 1.5 million Angelenos live and breathe less than a mile from one of the city’s 1,071 active oil wells and the toxic emissions these sites produce.

As Angelenos experience health effects such as nosebleeds, headaches, nausea, asthma, respiratory illness and possible increased cancer risk, Mayor Eric Garcetti and local elected officials have failed to step up and protect communities.

Earlier this year, Hollywood United partnered with STAND-L.A., an environmental coalition of community groups, on a “toxic tour” of L.A.’s neighborhood drilling sites. We learned from the communities living on the front lines of this local climate fight and saw first-hand how their lives are affected by dangerous oil extraction methods.

Hollywood United is committed to bringing an end to neighborhood drilling in Los Angeles and restoring the city as a visionary leader for creating a sustainable future.