Dear Governor Brown, 

Hollywood United for a Healthy California is a campaign led by the entertainment industry with the goal of freeing California from oil and gas extraction. We are actors, writers, directors, producers, studio executives, casting directors, agents, managers, lawyers and publicists. Our industry generates billions of dollars in revenue for California each year. We want to stop climate change, protect the health of communities living next to oil and gas wells, protect our drinking water and crops, and work towards a 100% clean and renewable energy future.  

As you well know, oil extraction in California pollutes our clean water with toxic chemicals, releases carcinogens into our neighborhoods, and bombards our atmosphere with greenhouse gases. The deeper we drill, the deeper our state is placed in jeopardy.  While we have taken some steps to promote energy conservation and increase alternative energy, your support of the oil and gas industry is holding us back from making California a true leader in the fight against climate change.

On behalf of all Californians, Hollywood United is calling on you to protect our state and keep California’s oil in the ground. We demand you lead by example; if we want to address climate change, we must address our state’s energy production.

Despite your reputation as a climate leader, you have overseen a rise in fossil fuel production every year since you returned to office. As the third-largest oil producing state in the nation, California extracts over 200 million barrels of oil each year. While you tout that other nations must begin to leave their fossil fuels in the ground, you have done the opposite in your home state by weakening health and safety regulations and encouraging further extraction of California’s oil and gas.

As California’s most iconic industry and a significant part of our state’s economy, Hollywood is speaking up to to end oil and gas development in California by 2030 and move rapidly towards 100% renewable energy. As we move toward that goal, we urge you to immediately protect Californians, the environment and the climate by supporting the following common sense reforms:

1.  Immediately require all oil and gas development to be restricted from areas where people live, work and play so our kids and communities don’t get sick.

2.  Stop the most dangerous forms of oil production including fracking, steam injection and offshore drilling to protect our clean groundwater supplies.

3. Ensure that all dumping of toxic oil wastewater onto the ground and into drinking water sources is prevented.

4.  End crop irrigation with oil field wastewater so that toxic chemicals don’t infiltrate California’s food.

The oil and gas industry wields immense political power and has exploited our state for too long. California’s entertainment industry is now speaking out.  We are determined to combat climate change and protect our health and environment by keeping California’s fossil fuels in the ground.  We are united for a healthy California and we will be heard.  


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